Digital Photo Restoration

To help you keep those memories of family alive, we now offer digital photo restoration of small photos.

Do you have the original family photos blue tacked to the wall, or sticky taped into a K-mart frame?  Let’s help you get them revitalised for the next generation because they won’t last long like this!  YES…we have blueback in a K-Mart Frame.  See featured image.


Let us help you restore your family photos to look amazing on your walls. 


Using photoshop, I can diminish lines, spots, foxing and other ‘mouldy’ marks from you photos.

The photos can then be reframed in a custom frame to ensure they keep for generations to come. New research shows that this NOW generation of kids are liking their history.  Hooray!!

The most important thing to remember when storing these old, film, pre digital photos is to

  • Keep them away from light and air
  • Keep them in a sealed environment such as a special, acid free photo box or album
  • Don’t handle them with bare fingers as the oil from your hands will mark them and help them to deteriorate.  You can buy cotton gloves at Woolworths that are suitable for shuffling through your old photos.

When we custom frame, we use conservation grade glass such as our standard Ultra View glass OR the high end MUSEUM glass which not only protects them against fading, but gives a superb, crystal clear, minimised reflection finish.

We use cotton rag mats so that acids, usually from the paper products made from trees, is NOT present to cause ‘foxing’ or the ‘dotting’ of the matting.

We handle with care.


So… conserve some of our old photos for your future generations.  Get the story board happening and share the memories of days gone by.

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